Corporate Yoga

Tula Yoga is bringing all the benefits of Yoga and Meditation to your workplace. Corporate yoga is on the rise since businesses have witnessed the benefits it brings to their employees and corporate culture. After just one class your co-workers will feel refreshed, energized and prepared to deal with workplace stress.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga and Meditation
Relaxation – feeling more relaxed will improve corp yogaconcentration, decision-making and ability to react more calmly in demanding situations

Stress Relief – employees who are less stressed tend to have an increase in work productivity

Health and Wellness– promoting health in wellness at your facility leads to healthier employees and are less likely to call out sick

Build Morale– getting co-workers to come together through group activities leads to a more positive and team building environment

Please contact us for more information, we can tailor any type of class to your company’s needs.